about us

Splash Entertainment Pte Ltd was established in Sep 2007 to spearhead tourism, leisure and entertainment projects


Singapore River is our muse and the inspiration behind Splash

  • We are inspired by water which breeds life, is full of dynamism, powerful and yet fluid at the same time
  • We inject a refreshing element that rejuvenates and revitalises in all that we do
  • We create an impact, make a bold statement and ultimately a significant difference
  • We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates multiple creative genres for the ultimate multi sensory experience that WOWs
  • We specialise in the serious business of fun


  • Development and implementation of themed concepts, experiences, merchandise and souvenirs
  • Conceptualisation and organising of sightseeing, leisure and education tours and activities on water and land
  • Creative design and development of watercraft and other attractions¬†
  • Creative conceptualisation, design and production of special events, entertainment and arts projects
  • Strategic development of branding, marketing, publicity, campaigns and promotional activities
  • Business development, forging of business partnerships and consultancy services